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Enriching the lifestyle of working people

OKAN aims to create a society filled with services that support working people, and where people do not have to give up working.


 In Japan today, while the working population is decreasing, many people are facing the difficult problem of having to give up on continuing to work for reasons other than work, such as health or balancing family life. There are various types of support needed to continue working. We think society needs to provide a variety of services to support working people, so we create and provide such services to support them.Additionally, through our activities, we aim to spread the social significance and business opportunities that exist in this industry, and to increase the number of services that support working people.



We provide optimal solutions to the problems that occur every day at work, in order to enrich the lifestyles of working people. For example, we offer "HATARAKU KARUTE", an organizational health checkup service to help create organizations and workplaces that allow employees to continue working, and "Office OKAN", a free-standing meal service in the office that supports workers eating habits.

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